Sales Training Books & CDs

Sales Training Books & CDs

Channel Partners tell us the number one reason for low sales and not having enough clients is SELLING skills. That is why we have partnered with three long-time business associates and expert on business to business sales to provide you a tool to improve your sales results. As a producer of training programs and having been in the industry for 47 years I have friends who I have negotiated incredible discounts with. SQI is selling all these programs to you at our cost to help you increase your sales and income.

When I was 21 years old I was starving to death. I had $650 gross income my first 6 months in the motivation and leadership business. To survive I taught myself how to sell. I read every book I could find on selling and purchased every training program I could find. There is NO one magic program or book. We would like you to buy these programs so you can dramatically increase your sales by mastering some of the best tools available in the world. You can order these products from SQI via wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, check or cash. With Bill Cates you can order his products online.

 1. Rex Houze, President of Improving Performance & Results in Texas. Rex and I started together in 1970 with SUCCESS Motivation Institute. Paul Meyer, the founder, was a major mentor and his programs are responsible for much of my success.

     Natural Selling Process – The Best Way to Sell

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 2. Bill Cates, President of Referral Coach International. Bill is an expert at teaching people how to get referrals from clients. It is a lot easier to sell a referral than a cold call. All of us can improve our ability to get more referrals.

     Get Proven Strategies to Acquire More Clients through Referrals and Introductions by Bill Cates!

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 3. Roy Chitwood, recently deceased President of Max Sacks International. I published Roy’s book on selling World Class Selling and attend his sales training program. I think Roy’s book is the best book ever written on selling. A must read. His CD series will also help.

     World Class Selling by Roy Chitwood

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