In-House Seminar: Moving Up (per person, minimum 20)


A Certified Trainer will present the Moving Up material to your group! Included in the seminar are Participant Packages.  (must have at least 20 participants)

  • An easy-to-read, 101 page Participant Book for participants to follow along
  • customer service performance standard
  • quality technique card
  • certificate of accomplishment

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It is critical for employees to want to move up. One thing that limits employees growth is that they don’t dream–they feel secure and content. For many reasons — low self-worth, being complacent, lack of ambition — they do not believe that they can move up and accomplish more. Ideal employees think Big. Work diligently to become indispensable. Achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Employees who succeed get ahead by doing more, and working creatively—being extraordinary by being faster, more remarkable and more human.

Preview Deliverables

Participant Book
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Leader Guide
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Certificate of Completion
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Technique Card
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