Handling Irate Customers

Handling Irate Customers and Difficult Situations! This is Service Quality Institute’s newest program and we are very excited about this product. Success under pressure will help you take the next step up the ladder within your organization. Dealing with irate customers is one of the most pressure-packed experiences you will ever encounter on any job.Remember… difficult situations can go from bad to worse in a hurry. Download Brochure

6 Steps to Handle Irate Customers

  1. Listen carefully and with interest—but also try to listen to what they are “NOT” saying
  2. Put yourself in your customer’s place—how would YOU feel in a similar situation?
  3. Ask questions and actively listen to the answers.  Use closed-ended questions to elicit a yes/no, or other one-word answer because you get raw information, rather than feelings or emotions.  
  4. Suggest alternatives that address their concerns, and always do so with sincere empathy.
  5. Apologize without laying blame for it might not be your fault.
  6. Solve the problem quickly and efficiently—and your customers to vent, which will allow you to better understand their emotion and their position
    A user-friendly 140 page count page Leader Guide and a set of 2 DVDs for a leader (facilitator) to train a group of participants


About the Program

Service Quality Institute’s newest customer service training program helps staff members confidently address one of the most distressing issues in customer service; handling upset customers. Dealing with irate customers is one of the most pressure-packed experiences that team members will encounter, and having reliable strategies to resolve the situation will continuously improve outcomes.

When frustrations arise between companies and customers, everyone feels the stress and emotional exhaustion. With step-by-step strategies, hands-on training events, guidebooks and instructional techniques, employees and managers at every level will have the tools to address the customer with calm and confidence. These strategies help customers and staff reach the core of the customer’s frustration and solve problems they are having, while also improving the employee’s experience and reducing turnover.

Learn more about the customer service programs available, including the training events, seminars, DVDs, leader guides and more. Read further and click on any section to see more details, and to purchase any of these materials to use in your organization.

Handling Irate Customers Guide Preview/Overview


Introductory Start-up Special Package For 25 Participants


Participant Package

Everything you need to run the program in your own organization. Train 25 employees at once with participant guides, quality technique cards, a facilitator guide with 3 accompanying DVDs, and certifications of accomplishment. Order now.   Need participant packages for more than 25 employees? Add more here.


Facilitator Package


We Train Your Team: One Day In House Seminar

Combine with participant guides to build a package for a smaller team. A user-friendly 170 page count page Leader Guide and a set of 3 DVDs for a leader (facilitator) to train a group of participants. Order Facilitator Package.   Want us to handle the training? A Certified Trainer will present the material to your group! Included in the seminar are Participant Packages. Minimum 20 participants required. Sign up now.


We Train You To Train: One Day Train-the-Trainer Seminar



A Certified Trainer will teach the material to a person within your organization, who can then train individuals at your organization. Included are Participant Packages. Sign up now.

Packages are available:

  • For 1 to 10,000+ participants, quantity discounts are available (click a package above to learn more)
  • In several languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Romanian, Arabic, and Portuguese. Exceptional Service can also be translated into other languages
  • Can be personalized for your organization
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