Natural Selling Process – The Best Way to Sell

Natural Selling Process – The Best Way to Sell

Rex Houze has been teaching business owners how to improve their sales results since 1972. Now he has packaged this information into a format that is easy to use and can get immediate results when you apply what you learn.

Benefits include:

You will develop a system to redirect your prospecting and sales efforts to get real prospects that engage with you to buy your products and services and create a lifetime of Sales.

You will learn how to be your best without changing who you are. The process includes practical tips, suggested dialogue, and a sales approach customized to your strengths.

You will learn a proven sales results system using timeless principles that fit your style, ensuring success you can replicate again and again.

Topics include:

  • Finding new business and improving relationships
  • Conducting effective sales interviews
  • Working through objections and closing sales
  • Controlling your success

This program retails in the U.S. for $2,500 USD (including coaching). We have negotiated a special price for Channel Partners and SQI is offering it to you at our cost plus shipping, as appropriate. We are also providing online coaching by Mario Vieira to insure the best results possible.

You can get the benefits of this program for only $160 USD for the packaged version, which includes an attractive three-ring binder, text of the content, dozens of scenarios, action steps, and four audio compact disks (CDs).

The DIGITAL COPY version is only $120 USD.

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