Marketing Emails From John Tschohl or SQI Staff


Thanks for your call.  Service Quality Institute would love to help Comcast create a service culture. 

Our programs do three things.  One, we change attitudes and behavior.  Everyone at Comcast already knows customer service is critical to their success.  We need to go from Intellectual awareness to an emotional response within 2 to 3 seconds that wows the customer.  Two, we teach leading edge skills on the fundamentals and basics of customer service.  I suspect that 95% of all complaints and problems are due to the lack of common sense.  A customer can tell in 2 to 3 seconds, whether somebody really wants to help them or not.  Three, we improve employee teamwork and morale.  If employees really love their job and really get along with fellow employees, they are more productive and you have lower employee turnover.  In a call center, turnover is expensive.

We also have products for those in leadership positions.  Oftentimes, managers and supervisors are not good at motivating their employees.  They don’t give the employees the empowerment that allows them to provide superior customer service.  Employees need to be given the empowerment to bend the rules while still following the spirit which the rules were written.  Sometimes policies, rules, and procedures, are convenient to Comcast, but turn off customers.  When employees are very process driven, rules, policies, and procedures, are far more important than actually satisfying a customer.  Satisfied customers become loyal customers.

We believe that Comcast can dramatically improve their brand and image by using our customer service programs to.  If customer service is awesome, and employees master service recovery, Comcast can reduce its detection rate significantly. 

Federal Express, Kroger, Allied Van lines, and the U.S. military have all customized our programs to their own environment.  With 200,000 employees, it would make sense to take each of our programs and customize them to Comcast.

We have three objectives with the technology we use.  One, to eliminate 95% of all travel.  All our programs can be implemented on site with thousands of Comcast employees trained as facilitators.  Two, we eliminate, by 95%, the need to hire outside people to facilitate and implement our programs.  All of our material is user friendly, idiot proof, and goof proof.  Three, we eliminate 80% of the training time by using very disciplined facilitator and participant material.  With 200,000 employees, labor cost is the number one expense.  We use a very scripted and disciplined leader guide.  We use video that’s exciting, with high impact.  Participant material is used during the seminars and for homework.  It reduces the training time by about 8 hours per person per program.

John Tschohl, President and Founder of Service Quality Institute, does major service strategy seminars for executives and leadership teams.  He feels that very few executives and leaders really understand the power of the service strategy, and how money falls from the sky for those who implement it.  Service leaders can improve the value of their businesses by over 25%, which would be worth billions of dollars to Comcast.

John first started working with ATT and Northwestern Bell in 1981 and he had very dramatic results.  The principles of customer service are the same today.  It’s just that it’s hard to get people to master these fundamentals.  It’s critical that we change attitudes and behavior and create a service culture. 

I’ve attached 3 brochures.  Our corporate brochure which details much of our philosophy and gives a description of the many programs John has developed in the more than 45 years in the customer service business.  The one page Instructional Design brochure which describes why the technology works and Creating A Service Culture brochure which gives you a quick overview of why SQI might be a good fit for Comcast.  All of our programs are in both English and Spanish.  John and I would be happy to be happy to talk with you in more detail about what we can offer Comcast.  When would be a good time to call you?

Again, thank you for calling,