Channel Partner Mailings

Channel Partner Mailings

Media Releases 2016 

2016 Business Plan for SQI and Discounted Tools to Help Increase Sales
Building a Brand to Expand Your Business
October 13-15 Worldwide Customer Service Conference in Minneapolis and New Healthcare With Feelings Program
How to Switch Off an Irate Customer
Customers Will Remember Your Business If You Can Remember Their Names
The need for SPEED
Breaking News SQI
The Golden Rule of Efficiency
Building Rapport With Your Customers

Media Releases 2015

New Health Care Program Being Developed, October Worldwide Conference and April Consultant Training and Certification 
Earn up to $3,294 FREE SQI Product Through Referrals 
Spanish Latin America Empowerment
Secret Sites Reorganized for Channel Partners 
50% Discount Off Wholesale Expires August 31 
Increasing your sales and helping more clients  
Coaching for Success English and Spanish 50% OFF September Certification and Channel Partner Training 
Special Pricing (50% off) for Coaching for Success in Spanish and September Certification and Consultant training 
Coaching para el Éxito Nuevo Programa de SQI 
New Updated SQI Corporate Brochure and Secret Site 
A powerful Powerpoint presentation from Kazakhstan 
Channel Partner in Kazakhstan selling over $500,000 in April 
Focus, Focus, Focus 
BEING PROACTIVE – Internally Customer-Driven 
Coaching for Success Ready to Ship 50% OFF Wholesale 
New Pricing and Special Pricing for Coaching for Success – Consultants 
New Pricing and Special Pricing for Coaching for Success – Distributors/Licensees 
New Pricing and Special Pricing for Coaching for Success – Representatives 
Channel Partner Training & Certification – March 5-7 

Media release 2014

Breaking News Media, Secret Sites, Service Culture Plans and Special Pricing for Handling Irate Customers 
New Rep In Kenya 
Handling Irate Customers 
Worldwide Conference  
Secret Site Reminder 
Refresher Materials Available 
Customer Service Guru 
12 Steps on how to make $100,000 
New Finance Manager 

Media Releases 2010

Selling Ideas for Utilities 
2010 SQI Worldwide Conference 
Revised Rwanda Agreement Template 
3 Year Service Culture Plan Training Time and Schedule
Customer Service Conference in Shanghai Brochure 
Getting Appointments with CEOs 

Media Releases 2009
Telecommunication Companies – Reducing Churn Rate 
End of Year Review
Remember Me Brochure Details