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In-House Seminar: Handling Irate Customers (per person, minimum 20)

Quick Overview

A Certified Trainer will present the Handling Irate Customers material to your group! Included in the seminar are Participant Packages.

Package Includes:

  • Easy-to-read 128 page Participant Books for participants to follow along

  • Customer service performance standards 

  • Quality technique card

  • Certificate of accomplishment

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Addressing upset customers can be a stressful experience for any staff member, whether you are an experienced senior-level manger or a customer service employee. Service Quality Institute’s in-house seminar gives you a partner that you can rely on to help you handle these situations with confidence, and strategies you can use to resolve the situation constructively.

The Handling Irate Customers in-house seminar gives your team a customer service expert that you can learn from and ask questions according to your industry-specific scenarios and challenges. The certified trainer will present the Handling Irate Customers material to your group, while you will also receive the participant package. The package include an 128 page particulate guidebook to follow along and make notes in, customer service performance standards as a helpful reminder, a quality technique card and a certificate of accomplishment upon completion.

Learn how to address this and other conflicts through SQI’s customer service books, training sessions and seminars. Create a service culture within your company to keep loyal customers, garner positive reviews and elevate your company’s reputation as a customer service authority.

Success under pressure will help you take the next step up the ladder within your organization. Dealing with irate customers is one of the most pressure-packed experiences you will ever encounter on any job. Remember… difficult situations can go from bad to worse in a hurry. Download Brochure

6 Steps to Handle Irate Customers
1.      Listen carefully and with interest—but also try to listen to what they are “NOT” saying
2.      Put yourself in your customer’s place—how would YOU feel in a similar situation?
3.      Ask questions and actively listen to the answers.  Use closed-ended questions to elicit a yes/no, or other one-word answer because you get raw information, rather than feelings or emotions.  
4.      Suggest alternatives that address their concerns, and always do so with sincere empathy.
5.      Apologize without laying blame for it might not be your fault.
6.      Solve the problem quickly and efficiently—and your customers to vent, which will allow you to better understand their emotion and their position
A user-friendly 140 page count page Leader Guide and a set of 2 DVDs for a leader (facilitator) to train a group of participants

Participant Book
Download Sample
Leader Guide
Download Sample 
  Certificate of Completion
  Technique Card
 Cert Card Technique Card 

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