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Programs for Employees

The Service Quality Institute offers a diverse range of employee focused programs designed to cultivate service excellence in every potential customer interaction.  From programs tailored to specific businesses such as banks, government, retail, clinics, HMOs, hospitals, and higher education institutions, to on the spot customer care and retention packages, The Service Quality Institute has programs designed to improve every potential interaction.

By equipping your employees with the knowledge base to properly handle each new situation and establishing a standard to be practiced by all associates, our unique and insightful programs not only cultivate strong customer service, but establish a consistent level of care your customers will rely on, encouraging both return business and referrals, and thus growing your brand.

Take a moment to browse our selection of topics, from speed and efficiency, to placating irate customers, and select the programs that you need based on your specific business.  Of course, our associates are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our programs.

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