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Online Learning



Online Learning

New Online Learning NOW Available

We have 14 courses to choose from for our online learning.

1.   Quality Service Definition

2.   Customers and Their Decisions

3.   Understanding Customer Interaction

4.   Exceeding Customer Expectations

5.   Working as a Team

6.   Feedback

7.   Empowerment

8.   Employing the Strategy of Speed

9.   The Language of Positive Communication

10.  Effective Communication

11.  Effective Telephone Techniques

12.  Handling Complaints and Service Recovery

13.  Service Attitude and Mindset

14.  Quality of Work



  • Two different modes: Self-study or assisted/group learning
  • No need to gather personnel
  • Save time and money - No transportation, hotel or meal costs
  • Available 24/7
  • Available in Multiple Languages (currently in English and Spanish)
  • Same interaction as face-to-face only virtualized (in assisted learning mode)

Visit servicequalityonline.com to start your online training today.


Building a culture of service excellence within your business requires both individual and coordinated effort from every echelon in the corporate structure from sales associates, to quality control and management.   The Service Quality Institute’s innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions. 

With the Service Quality Institute’s affiliation with St. Cloud State University’s Center for Continuing Studies, we are proud to offer our unique and flexible online certification courses.  These sessions are available either as complete certification programs or individually, so you can address your business’ specific needs in customer service.

The Service Quality Institute’s dedication to excellence extends to our own practices, which is why we offer modules at a reduced price on a trial basis for you to feel confident in the benefits of our program.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our dexterous package structure, and choose the options best suited to your business’ current needs.


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